Friday, December 30, 2005

Flying Spaghetti Monster creator's chilling fate and Judge John E. Jones a ton wrong

Have you heard of "The Flying Spaghetti Monster"? It was created by a guy named Bobby Henderson in Roseburg, Oregon. Henderson suggests that his FSM is the intelligence behind the ID movement. There was discussion and figure of FSM in an Oregonian article by John Foyston, September 10, 2005.

It seems we have two choices:
(1) Mr. Henderson actually does worship an entity which he himself has created (an activity called idolatry in the Bible), or
(2) the purpose of his FSM creation is simply to mock the true Creator God and to mock all people who wish to honor the true Creator God. If this is multiple choice, I think we all know the answer is 'to mock'.

With his 545,000 Google search results (way back in September, 2005), it seems Henderson has mocked very successfully. But the Bible says, "God is not mocked." To contemplate Mr. Henderson meeting the Almighty is chilling indeed.

But what about folks like me? I do not apologize for the fact that I am a creationist and I believe the God of the Bible is identically the Intelligence which is so evidently behind everything we see. All the pieces add up too perfectly to be objectively denied. For sure, The Intelligence is not some FSM mockery. The Dover, PA, decison by Judge John E. Jones was a tad right and a ton wrong in that: (1) Judge Jones was a tad right when he observed that testimony was not exactly forthright about the role of faith in the board's decision, and (2) Jones was in outer space (the ton wrong) when he insisted that a faith motive invalidates any scientific endeavor. Many of the greatest minds in the history of science (Sir Isaac Newton and James Clerk Maxwell for example) found faith in God as their greatest motivation for their work in science - which they considered as "seeking to know God's thoughts after Him."

Creationists need to be more bold to disallow some artificial separation of faith motive from science. Since both have one Author, they are of the same seamless cloth. We have the right to present facts, even if our motive is a faith motive. This is where I would agree very much with some of the more conservative creationists who have some discomfort with the ID movement's lack of clarity in identifying the Intelligence in question. He (not "she") is YHWH (Jehovah in the KJV) who identifies Himself as "I AM WHO I AM." I suspect the Great I AM does care much for our disingenuousness if we dance around His identity.


At January 01, 2006 3:39 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It’s funny how science and religion have “swapped” places. Back in the dark ages the “church” locked away scientist like Galileo to suppress the open discussion of the observable world around us. Today it’s the science community who is actively suppressing an open and honest discussion as to the origins of life by using a willing court system to send the “church” in to exile.

Time for another renaissance.



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