Saturday, March 08, 2008

SETI yada yada yada SETI

Well, Seinfeld is gone. But will he ever be really gone? The wildly popular TV show added lots of stuff to Americana, so Seinfeld lives on vicariously. Have you heard - or used - the expression "yada yada yada" to imply talk-talk-talk without revealing any of the content of that talk? Thank you, Jerry.

WiIkipedia ( informs that the April 24, 1997, Seinfeld episode had George's girlfriend relentlessly using the phrase "yada yada yada." Jerry says that at least she is succinct and that it is like "dating the USA Today."

So what is yada yada yada now? Yea, I guess I just have to admit it - I am irritated that the mindless Darwinian ideologues continue to mouth the mantra of evolution (by chance of course) to produce everything from aardvarks to zzebras, and we'uns tossed in there somewhere as well. And all that with pompous pontification, as if all you need to establish "TRUTH" is for one of THEM to simply speak the words. My now, aren't they quite the thing! I would be more impressed - and inclined to listen seriously - if one of these cerebrologues could merely speak a world into existence somewhere .... as in "And God said, 'Let there be light.' And there was light."

Hailing clear back to the Roseville (California) School Board hearings, reported in the Sacramento Bee, May 6, 2004, many objected to teaching the controversy of Darwinism, saying it should be opposed because detecting intelligent design in biology is "religion." I liked the Access Research Network description line (, observing "SETI must then be 'religion' as well."

So ARN "gets it." I hope more people start to get this point about the inherent nature of SETI (search for extraterrestrial intelligence). See your fearless blogster's punditification way back in November, 2007:

Here is the repeat:
"So is Intelligent Design (ID) science? To get some traction on this question, let's ask if all the money the US is spending on "search for extraterrestrial intelligence" (SETI) is for "science". My take on it is that the ID folks are the first to really try to synthesize a science framework to discern whether things we observe are sourced in intelligent or in non-intelligent entities or processes. If there is no formal framework to do so, all our SETI money is down the rathole since whatever we observe can not be objectively ("scientifically") identified as inferring intelligent origin. If congress would threaten to eliminate SETI funding because it can produce no verifiable "scientific" result, there will be a whole bunch of salary-threatened folks out at NASA and elsewhere jumping on the ID bandwagon.Now that would really be fun to watch."

But as it stands now, from NASA to Roseville, a few bytes of ordered-appearing "information" might infer SETI? But billions of bytes of information in the nuclear DNA of one cell fail to infer intelligent origin? For matters of intelligence, how vacuous.

Vacuous indeed!

Yada yada yada.

Respectfully submitted,


P.S. Wikipedia also informs that: "The word yada is Hebrew for intimacy, so technically, when Elaine says, we went back to his place and 'yada, yada, yada....' Ironically, this could mean (though almost certainly not to her knowledge) that they did have sex." So maybe the cerebrologistic ideologues with the "evolution yada yada yada" are all in bed together in a vast left-wing anti-God Anti-American atheistic conspiracy? ... Well, actually, yeah.


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