Sunday, January 01, 2006


Well, "Repack Rider" has commented on my last post and bemoaned the "ignorance" of the young Jewish woman in Florida who said,

"Saying life comes from evolution is like saying a library was made
by someone spilling a bottle of ink."

Apparently Repack has not been clued into the difference between information and the medium upon which it is contained. Further, Repack blissfully plugs ahead in spite of the occasionally observed fact that information does not self-organize.

I sha'nt belabor the point here. Why should I? In the context of the creation-evolution controversy, it has been well covered by the late Dr. Wilder-Smith in his book "The Natural Sciences Know Nothing of Evolution." Maybe it was written originally in German, I am not sure. I read an English version about 10 years ago. Very cogent, very precise, very scientific. Thanks to Dr. Wilder-Smith, and I offer great respect to his memory. By the way, Dr. Wilder-Smith wrote several books along this line, and the others I have glanced at seem to be of the same quality.

I recommend the book as a good read. If you wish a similar but more recent book, try "In the Beginning There Was Information" by Dr. Werner Gitt, either in English or in Geman. Personally, I still prefer Wilder-Smith as more readable in dealing effectively with the same point that "Rider" has missed.

Respectfully, D.U.


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