Tuesday, November 28, 2006

factophobic?? Ain't it obvious?? !!

Peddlinshutterbug asked: where did you get the phrase "factophobic?" didn't happen to get from ely did ya?? :)

Darwin's Undertaker respectfully replies:

Although I am not beyond stealing a phrase here and there, I didn't steal nuthin' from ely - whoever or whatever ely is.

It's just a nobrainer. Since I'm an engineer, it was just a simple matter of fact-o-rific phrase fabrication.

Fact=something true, as in evidences of creation;
Phobia= an irrational fear, e.g., as demonstrated daily in the ivory towers of higher learning when some hapless student in a biology class tries to insert rationality into the subject of origins by suggesting that, in his/her experience, complex systems may occsionally fall apart but are not observed to fall together.

Hence - evolutionists are typically "factophobic." Voila.

If I am guilty of painting too many with an unfairly broad brush, just let me ask where are the defenders of scientific truth who should have drummed Dawkins and his "Blind Watchmaker" out of the scientific community because of his blatant scientific dishonesty that even sixth-graders (if rational) can smell and run.

Truth is, when I started this blog in fall of 2005, I had a head of steam from when the federal judge in PA referred to the idea of inserting facts into the origins debate in public schools to be "breathtaking inanity." Factophobic? You betcha. ... breathtakingly factophobic.


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