Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Aiieee! The cracks! Stand back! The idol of UNIFORMITARIANISM is ready to topple.

Uniformitarianism is the notion that all processes now observed and operative in nature are exactly and identically (exclusively) those processes which have been going on in cosmos history as far back as the mind can see. Sounds OK on the surface? But scratch it a bit and, like the kids' stinky smelly scratchit, the bad odors emerge.

In fact, uniformitarianism equates to an axiom (unprovable) of science (actually "scientism") that is used to arbitrarily define God out of the very science which He created in the beginning. What uniformitarianism really says is "No divine interventions may be posited. No miracles are allowed!" I think God would maybe even laugh at the preposterousness of it all, except it is really not a whit humorous.

In fact, uniformitarianism has been so critical as a foundation of Darwinism that is is virtually an idol which is worshiped by Darwin's adherents.

But cracks are beginning to show.

First, the RATE ("Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth") project of the Institute for Creation Research" published results of their 7-year project back in November, 2005. The most striking results are: (1) Carbon-14 concentrations in supposedly very old organic materials such as diamonds indicate recent (a few thousands of years) origin of the materials; and (2) very high diffusivity of helium in zircons embedded in micas embedded in granite shows clearly that very high radioactive decay rates (far higher than rates observed today) were experienced several thousand years ago. Check the ICR link at the top of this blog for more informaion on RATE.

Respectfully, D.U.

But chinks in the uniformitarian armor continue to pop up elsewhere as well. See, for example, Science News, April 29, 2006, Vol. 169, p. 259, "Universe in Flux." New findings indicate that the ratio between the mass of the proton and that of the electron - a number known as mu - might have decreased by about two-thousandths of a percent "in the past 12 billion years." The scientists report in Physical Review Letters, April 21, 2006.

Now maybe .002% does not seem like much, but it also says that the whole uniformitarian dogma-doctrine is now open for question. The Darwinian ideologues will undoubtedly resist this kind of stuff as they feel the uniformitarian ground begin to move beneath their feet. It should be interesting as the slippery slope gets mo' an' mo' slippery. Keep your eyes open so you don't miss any of the fun on this one.


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