Saturday, June 09, 2007

Ford's Faulty Foundations Faltering

Well, well. I recently received an email from the American Family Association that a boycott of Ford due to Ford's promotion of homosexual lifestyles may have contributed to a significant decline in Ford sales in May, 2007.

What's that to do with creation and evolution? Very simple. The Bible says that woman was created for man, and marriage is when the two (1 man plus 1 woman) become one (not only in a sexual way, but in purpose, goals, intent, and life).

Far distant in Ford Motor Company's rear-view mirror is the notion of being "culture war neutral." Ford has been consistently advertising and supporting pro-gay ideas and events for quite a while, and quite "in-your-face" to folks who have expressed concern. This puts Ford Motor Company directly at odds with the account of creation and the purpose and duty of man as described in the Holy Bible, the Word of God. Seems like not a good place to be.

It seems the chickens are coming home to roost. I just feel sorry for the thousands of Ford employees and dealers who would never support Ford's pro-gay advocacy, but may suffer nevertheless.

Following is the blurb from AFA:

June 8, 2007
Boycott helps drop Ford sales 6.8% in May
General Motors, Chrysler, Toyota sales increase during same period

For the 13th month out of the last 15, the boycott of Ford Motor Company by AFA and other pro-family groups has helped cause Ford to lose sales. Sales dropped 6.8% during May when compared with May 2006.
The drop came as sales for GM [up 9.6%], Chrysler [up 4.3%] and Toyota [up 14%] were all increasing. Of the big four, only Ford showed a loss.
AFA has identified Ford as a leading corporate promoter of homosexual marriage and the homosexual agenda. Even while losing billions of dollars and laying off of thousands of employees, Ford continues to financially support various homosexual groups.

So, there ya go. Whatcha gonna do 'bout it?

How about me? No more Ford purchases. And when I get rid of my old Ford van, it will not be replaced with a Ford product. Why? Because I believe the words of creation in Genesis are the Words of God, and God has a way and a will for every man and every woman. Ford's way and will seem to be in the opposite direction. I'm not going there with them.

You can find the wellspring of lots of good info about this stuff at:
or the American Family Association Journal:

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