Saturday, June 09, 2007

"It's not fair." Paris cried. Don't worry, honey, you're not alone.

This morning I read how Hilton heiress Paris was thrown back in the slammer in LA. Fully distraught and being led away with hair and eyes a mess, Paris turned to her mom and cried imploringly, "It's not fair."

Seems like everbody on the planet, even PH, has some sense of "fairness," whether rightly or wrongly founded. This universal sense of "fair", as Christian apologist C. S. Lewis has pointed out, is yet one more evidence of divine creation and the image of God upon man.

So how about "fairness" in the origins debate? Do you want to know what may lie ahead of you if you try to inject some rationality into the irrational "molecules to man" culture of today's scientism and academia?

Here's what: viewpoint discrimination of the nastiest unfair kind.

Here are a few reads:

And see my related blog entry a week or so ago about the author of The Privileged Planet, titled "Maybe I should have waited until I got tenure" or approximately that.

Read them and weep (literally). I especially recommend the second link, dealing with the Nobel prize denied to the inventor of the MRI clearly because he is a creationist. On that basis, Isaac Newton could have never received a Nobel prize. Nor Michael Faraday. Nor James Joule. Nor James Clerk Maxwell. Nor James Lister. Nor Louis Pasteur. Nor ......

To friends of The God of Creation: Do your homework, do good science, put on your armor, and go forth boldly.

To the enemies of creation: Your days are numbered and you are running out of places to hide. Be afraid, very afraid. If not in this life, then FOR SURE when you meet your Maker. For that appointment comes surely.

Sadly, yet respectfully,



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