Monday, March 31, 2008

Life as a CREATIONIST just gets better every day. Mantis shrimp can see circularly polarized light (CPL)


Actually, my day is already made.

Glancing through my most recent copy of Science News (March 22, 2008, Vol. 173) did it for me. Maybe you can make your day the same way. Find it at:

This one (pp. 179-180) is about the discovery that the mantis shrimp Odontodactylus cultrifer is able to detect circularly polarized light - the first creature known to do so.

As the SN article puts it:

"For love, some would twist the laws of physics. Short of doing that, mantis shrimp communicate with the other sex by spinning light waves, biologists find. The feat seems to be unique to this animal. "

Researcher Roy Caldwell of UC Berkeley says the skill, unknown in other animals, most likely helps the shrimp find mates. "It's the most private communication system imaginable," he says. "No other animal can see it."

Wanna see this cute little guy that is wired to find love? Here is SN's pic:

How does it do it? SN explains:
"The researchers found that some of the eyes' light-sensing cells doubled up as filters, explains Tom Cronin of UMBC. The cells have microscopic structures, like bristles of a toothbrush, that slightly slow light with electric fields parallel to the bristles, but not light with fields that are perpendicular. As a result, the twist of a circularly polarized wave will be flattened into a steady, linearly polarized wiggle, which another layer of sensory cells can then detect. Depending on their arrangement, bristled cells will select right- or left-handed polarization. This parsing enables mantis shrimp to distinguish the two types of light."

I mean, is that cool or what? For those who delight in the works of God, it just gets better and better.

But mantis shrimp detecting CPL is only one of many unique visual detection and communication systems in living things. If you only consider eye designs you may wish to peek at

Eye Design Book author Curt Deckert, PhD, says:
"The frequency of similar but diverse eye designs of different sizes, shapes, and materials establishes persuasive evidence for a single designer, as compared to random events (designs) generating similar creatures. Random designs are more likely to be found in the form of non-living rock formations of Natural Parks, such as the Carlsbad Caverns, Zion, or Grand Canyon, rather than in discrete, functional, living, reproducible vision systems."

As mankind continues to uncover more and more of the mind-boggling features of nature, both living and non, the joy of creationists just continues to swell.

And the folks who insist that intricate complex systems exhibited in living things just somehow fall together by chance - again - and again - and again - just continue the weary broken-record mantra that:

"given enough time ... enough time ... enough time ... ,
all this stuff becomes
a sure thing ... a sure thing ... a sure thing ... a sure thing."

It simply rings more and more hollow. Anyone else out there weary of it?

Enough of the charade. Why don't the God-haters merely declare openly their scorn and hate of the almighty Creator God and be done with it? 'Cause it's not science, it's religion. Bad religion. For sure.

Submitted with great AWE and RESPECTFUL FEAR,



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