Sunday, June 28, 2009

Generational looting? Who is gonna pay for all the Dem's plans ???

Well, it is late (3:00 AM), but I just got around to seriously asking ...

A couple of questions:

(1) How much additional debt is planned by the Obama administration over the next ten years? and

(2) How many households in the USA?

And found the results:

(1) Investor's Insight says:

"Using the Obama administration's own projections, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that, including the record 2009 budget deficit of $1.85 trillion, and huge annual deficits over 2009-2019 will result in an additional $11.1 trillion in national debt, on top of the current $11.4 trillion."


"During the first 100 days of his presidency, Obama has signed the $787 billion stimulus bill into law, proposed an eye-popping $3.6 trillion federal budget for the 2010 fiscal year, taken over a massive $700 billion Wall Street bailout program (TARP) and created other multi-billion-dollar government programs supposedly to help grease the economic wheels."

(2) Wikipedia gives a 2007 figure for number of households:

"How many households are in the US? 2007 estimate: 111,162,259"

And then the math ...

So the additional deficit per household may be estimated to be:

$1.11 * 10**13 / 1.11 * 10**8, or $100,000 per household. But since this is on top of the existing debt which is already $11.4 trillion, this comes up to a very un-nice round figure of $200,000 per household.

And now the angst ...

Please tell me it ain't so. Please tell me I can't do math any more.

$200,000 per household federal debt in a mere 10 years from now!

Oh, and Oregon is going in the tank too - just a few steps behind California. Oregon can not even afford to collect water information data needed to meet development application requirements. I look at my children and my grandchildren and ask how can they repay this kind of onerous debt? I agree with those who call this "generational looting"

When will the Democrats and fellow-traveling Republicans end this mindless spend-a-thon? When you hear "shovel ready", just understand the shovels are digging the grave of the America we have known. When will the Obamamedia cease the Obamamania and get real? When will the people of the USA get a grip on these numbers and then get a grip on the collars of the big spenders and toss them out?

But we will not get a grip on the dollar until we get a grip on the Divine.

And the understanding ...

If you really want to understand what is going on, read the Bible, Deuteronomy Chapter 28. You will find that when a nation wears the name of God, that nation best not sully that great and Holy name YHWH - the name of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Because God is not mocked and will not be mocked.

Here is a photo reminding that - like it or not - the USA does wear the name of God - the CREATOR GOD - before the world even on the dollar as we claim "In God We Trust". Credit: Graphic Night Photo

You will find that our financial insanity is a direct result of our spiritual profanity.

It is truly time for personal, corporate (churches as well as governments and businesses) and national repentance. And time is of the essence.

Signing off at 3:49 AM. Going to bed. Hope I can sleep.



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