Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sticks and stones, rage and rationality, discernment and disinformation

Hey all today .....

It's rainy and cool here and I am hoping for a spell of good HOT weather to ripen a few more peaches before this weekend. Maybe running out of time.

But I don't usually blog about weather, so what's up today?

Well, Anonymous just showed up today with a comment on my last post in which I exposed the toxicity of Darwinism upon true scientific progress.

To save you having to go back and find it, here it is:

Anonymous said...
Hogwash! Pure hogwash.You are not even very creative in your creation of disinformation.It is clear why you filter comments. Nothing of disagreement will ever reach this blog.
August 20, 2008 10:16 AM

Thought I should respond a touch.

(1) First, thx to Anon. I was beginning to think nobody cares about this stuff. I am encouraged in a kind of Portland-weird way.

(2) Yeah, yeah, occasionally I don't publish comments. But always for specific reasons. One reason was a comment included a link which I will not in conscience pass on. The other reason is some are much much too long. Problem is, I have not figured out how to edit or truncate comments before publishing them on this blog. Also have not yet bothered to figure out how to complain to Google about that. So it is either up-or-down, yes-or-no, publish-or-perish. So I let a few perish. For example, when I posted about the role of Darwinism in Hitler's little piece of history as related to the movie "Expelled" ( ) I got two comments back which were waaaay too long. One was a bajillion words of very good thoroughly documented agreement with my post going back to earlier twentieth century historians (including Hitler's biographers) and the whole shot. Sorry, too long. The other was a mere half bajillion words of disagreement giving links to stuff written by modern historical revisionists. Sorry, also too long - not to mention that it was significantly lacking in diligence and substance .
Note: I still have those comments in my unmoderated section and will publish them if there is a groundswell of demand to see both. It will either be both or none.

Thanks to all you blogospherites out there for your understanding.

(3) As regards the Anonymous comment quoted above:
C'mon, Anon. Get serious. I posted seven instances in which Darwinism or Neo-Darwinism have hindered the progress of modern science. And all you can say is "hogwash"? Please insert rationality instead of rage into the dialogue. "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will ..." ... will what? ...will only influence the non-discerning. As I have said before, "Keep those facts a-comin' folks." The Undertaker is where disinformation comes to die.

And now Anon has suckered me into wasting my time replying to his/her vacuous comment.

I'm a bit resentful. But I hope you all have a good day anyway.



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