Sunday, January 01, 2006

Young scientists - free yourselves from the intellectual prison of Darwin's impotency

Why am I still doing this when on January 1, 2006, I should be working on my taxes while I have a bit of time? Compulsive-obsessive would say my sweet loving wife. But just a word of encouragement for young scientists as they ("you" I hope) may be looking at 2006 as the beginning of a truly meaningful life of scientific investigation.

Here is my word of encouragement:

Eschew (stay away from like the plague) uncritically swallowing Darwin and Darwinism. It is a sure dead-end unless you just want to spend your life writing meaningless papers in journals that really do not help anyone anywhere at a practical level. Just remember that your old professors may have so much vested in the totally impotent neo-Darwinian theory that they will never break free of their shackles. That does not mean you should not free your intelligence to consider intelligence as the source of the "breathtaking" design in nature.

Just one example before I move on to my IRS 1040. Titillated by the hope of neo-Darwinian evolution creating new-and-improved species via mutation and selection, plant geneticists in a few decades of the 20th century spent years and lives irradiating plants/seeds and applying intense intelligent selection to the mutant results. What did they get? NO improved species. Just weakened and less viable plants, wasted lives, lost years, lost money, and who-knows-how-many unnecessary starvations. The "green revolution" that has been feeding the world in the last four decades came when folks at the empirical practical real level decided to toss Darwin overboard and just use intense intelligent selection on existing natural plants. (Sorry - no comment on "g-m" foods here and now.)

So the natural chemical/radiation environment plus unintelligent "natural" selection is supposed to have produced the wonderful biological world of plants that feed the world today, while intense radiation and intense intelligent selection among mutants only got worse results? Get real. Throw off those old shackles. Get on with a real productive life in science by "thinking God's thoughts after Him."

Respectfully, D.U.


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