Sunday, July 22, 2007

Witness of Bible reliability continues to grow: Jeremiah Chapter 39 character affirmed

This one is not exactly a creation thing this time. But the point is that as the Bible again and again and again and again shows itself to be reliable and accurate historically, our confidence in EVERY word of "The Word of God" continues to grow. And that includes the creation and flood accounts.

Here is a really cool recent example. Although the article is a Daily Telegraph article, the link is to the article as published by the New York Sun.:

Ancient Document Confirms Existence Of Biblical Figure
The Daily Telegraph. July 11, 2007

Michael Jursa, a visiting professor (to the British Museum) from Vienna ... made "what has been called the most important find in biblical archaeology for 100 years, a discovery that supports the view that the historical books of the Bible are based on fact."

Searching for Babylonian financial accounts on ancient clay tablets in the British Museum, "Jursa suddenly came across a name that he half remembered — Nabusharrussu-ukin, described there in 2,500-year-old writing as 'the chief eunuch' of Nebuchadnezzar II, king of Babylon."

"Mr. Jursa, an Assyriologist, checked Chapter 39 of the Book of Jeremiah, and he found, spelled differently, the same name — Nebo-Sarsekim. Nebo-Sarsekim, according to Jeremiah, was Nebuchadnezzar II's "chief officer" and was with him at the siege of Jerusalem in the year 587 before the common era, when the Babylonians overran the city."

"The small tablet, the size of 'a packet of 10 cigarettes' according to Irving Finkel, a British Museum expert, is a bill of receipt acknowledging Nabu-sharrussuukin's payment of 0.75 kg of gold to a temple in Babylon. The tablet is dated to the 10th year of the reign of Nebuchadnezzar II, 595 B.C.E., 12 years before the siege of Jerusalem."

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