Thursday, April 03, 2008

I'm a Lenin believer - so keep DEMANDING the evidence !

"A lie told often enough becomes the truth."

Greetings Truthseekers Out There:

I suppose you have heard of Lenin. No, not the Beatle. I mean Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, Russian Communist politician and revolutionary, Father and first premier of the Soviet Union 1917-1924, head of Soviet Communist Party 1923-1924. See:

For my usual daily delight (following the sports page), I read the comics in our local newspaper. I hope you, too, are culturally enlightened in this way.

Here is Mother Goose and Grimm today.

Now doesn't that precisely explain why a fact-defying religion like Darwin's evolution could ever be propagated to the point that it holds sway over the minds and destinies of millions (maybe Billions)?

The lie of evolution - that blind dumb purposeless CHANCE is the author of seeing reasoning purposeful life from fish to philosophers - is a fairy-tale for grownups.

Note: As accused by Dr. Louis Bounoure, Director of the Zoological Museum and Director of Research at the National Center of Scientific Research in France, who said, "Evolutionism is a fairy tale for grown-ups."

This fairy tale was spun by Darwin and is continually reinvented, repackaged, and respun by depraved deceivers. Sadly, to the earthly and eternal detriment of deluded dupes. And, sadly, they are legion.

How can this be? According to Lenin, all it takes is persistence and willingness to repeat the lie often enough (perhaps sprinked with necessary and ancillary fibs along the way). And a few hearts willing to raise a fist against the Almighty God of Heaven and Earth catalyze and stir the poisonous brew. Their fate is fearful.

And so it has been. And so what to do?

Just keep asking - no, DEMANDING - evidence for "the fact of evolution." You will be stonewalled by people who oppose the introduction of facts and logic which discomfit the flim-flammy DarwinDogma endemic in our public school texts. See my prior post:

and follow the link to find comments posted about the Tampa news article. You will see how deep the deception is.

Hey folks - just keep on asking. Just keep on DEMANDING. Just keep on keepin' on. No head hanging and no mumbled murmured apologetic apologetics.

Darwin is DEAD. Let's keep on tilting the old boy until he topples.

Respectfully submitted,



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